Advanced Hydrology Hydraulic Geomorphology


Ahydtech has espertise to provide solutions to the following areas:

Fluvial Geomorphology

AHYDTECH Geomorphic can offer practical applications of Fluvial Geomorphology in the following areas: Subwatershed Studies, Subdivision & Environmental Impact Reports, Municipal Sewer and Watermain Crossing, Road Construction & Widening, and Bridge & Culvert Installation/Replacement. AHYDTECH Geomorphic can provide Fluvial Geomorphic services in the following fields: Natural Channel Design, Meander Belt Width & Hazard Limit Estimation, Channel Restoration, Channel Realignment, Field Geomorphic Assessment & Monitoring, Sediment Transport Measurement & Monitoring, River Bank Erosion Protection, River & Stream Scour Control and Monitoring.

Coastal Engineering

AHYDTECH senior members possess extensive expertise and can provide services in coastal engineering including shoreline management, shoreline erosion protection, marina design and the implementation of waterfront projects. We have experience in following coastal engineering projects: Shoreline Inventory, Shoreline Structural Condition Assessment, Bathymetry Data Collection, 2D and 3D hydrodynamic, Sediment Transport and Water Quality Modeling, Shoreline Erosion and Dynamic Beach Analysis, Shoreline Design and Protection Works, and Water Quality Modeling and Analysis.

Hydrology & Hydraulic Modeling

AHYDTECH Geomorphic staffs possess the ability to compute complex models. AHYDTECH has resources to provide innovative techniques and solutions through applying hydrologic models to make better predictions and to face the major challenges in water resources management.

Watershed & Subwatershed Study

AHYDTECH Geomorphic staff has experience conducting watershed and subwatershed surveys in Ontario. We can apply both analytical and numerical models to determine water budgets, peak flows, and water quality.

Stormwater Management for Development Applications

At AHYDTECH Geomorphic, we are able to determine floodplain mapping, flood hazard analysis, water quality monitoring and other various stormwater management tools to our clients.

Environmental Assessment

AHYDTECH Geomorphic staffs are highly trained in the field of Environmental Assessment. Along with various analytical and numerical modeling techniques, fluvial geomorphic applications and other hands-on environmental assessment applications our staff can provide detailed assessments of any site.