Advanced Hydrology Hydraulic Geomorphology

Project Experience

Ahydtech Geomorphic can conduct projects in the following areas:

Fluvial Geomorphology, Natural Channel Design, Channel Restoration Erosion Hazard & Bank Erosion

AHYDTECH Geomorphic has senior fluvial geomorphologist. Dr. Bahar SM has extensive experience in Fluvial Geomorphology such as natural channel design, channel restoration, channel realignment, meander belt width and hazard assessment, bank erosion protection and field geomorphic assessment, . He worked over 25 years in Fluvial Geomorphology and Water Resources Engineering. Bahar was involved over 60 fluvial geomorphic projects from both public and private developments. Two examples include: a geomorphic assessment to determine the natural channel design for the City of Brampton and field geomorphic and topographic studies to study several watercourses in the Credit Valley Conservation area.

Coastal Engineering

AHYDTECH has senior coastal professional engineer, who has completed several coastal engineering projects. These projects include shoreline management, shoreline erosion protection, marina design and implementation of waterfront. We have experience in following types of coastal engineering projects: Shoreline Inventory, Shoreline Structural Condition Assessment, Bathymetry Data Collection, 2D and 3D hydrodynamic, Sediment Transport and Water Quality Modeling, Shoreline Erosion and Dynamic Beach Analysis, Shoreline Design and Protection Works, and Water Quality Modeling and Analysis.

Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling

AHYDTECH has extensive experience in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling in Ontario and USA. AHYDTECH has developed HSPF URF, a physically distributed hydrologic model, and 1D and 2D hydraulic, Water Quality and Sediment Transport models for several projects. AHYDTECH staff developed a 2D hydrodynamic code in FORTRAN to study “Cohesive River Bank Erosion Mechanism”. The model was calibrated using measured flow data.

A 2D Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport model was developed for the Credit River Harbour and Marina. The model analyzed sedimentation problem in the Harbour and Marina. AHYDTECH staff developed 2D Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport model to investigate effect of Detroit River bank encroachment into the river.

Environmental Assessment

The City of Mississauga initiated Schedule B Municipal Class EA for rehabilitation of a reach in Credit River near a residential neighborhood. The reach was located southeast of Credit Road and Highway 401, which has significant bank erosion and safety concern due to close proximity to residential properties. As a Senior Environmental Engineer and Fluvial Geomorphologist, Dr. Bahar SM was involved with this project. A fluvial geomorphic assessment was completed for the study area, which includes historical data assessment, reach delineation, Rapid Geomorphic Assessment and Detail Geomorphic Assessment. The EA study evaluated alternative options and recommended a preferred option for the bank erosion rehabilitation. Hydraulic analysis was undertaken to assess impact of the proposed design on floodplain and flooding in the area. Bahar reviewed and contributed on the study design for this study.

Water Quality Analysis

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) initiated a study to investigate the ecological health and environment of the Humber River Watershed. Dr. Bahar SM developed a calibrated hydrologic and hydraulic model to simulate stream flows and 10 (ten) water quality parameters (E. Coli, TSS, Total Phosphorous, Nitrate/Nitrite, Total Khejdahl Nitrogen, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Benzo perylene, Dieldrin and Chloride). Water quality parameters were simulated using the Event-Mean Concentration (EMC) method. The projects applied both wet and dry weather conditions of EMC input in the model to simulate water quality parameters at different outlets of subwatersheds .The model used the existing (2002) and a number of future scenarios of land uses to determine impacts of land use changes on water quality. The study analyzed and compared concentrations of the WQ parameters with their threshold limit.

Reviewing Development Applications

As a senior environmental engineer, Dr. Bahar SM was involved with all Municipal Class EA projects of the Region of Peel and City of Brampton within the Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) watershed. The Municipal Class EA projects include road widening/improvement, watermain and sanitary line installation/replacement and culvert/bridge installation/replacement. Bahar reviewed stormwater management, environmental assessment and geotechnical reports/studies and detailed design drawings to meet the requirements of the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act, the Conservation Authority Act, Fisheries Act (DFO) and Planning Act along with PPS and CVC’s policies, standards and guidelines. Bahar also contributed to the EA projects for protecting the environment and providing hazard protection through hydrologic, hydraulic and stormwater management analyses.